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  • There’s no needles
  • Finger-prick test
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  • Analysed by NHS Labs
  • Reviewed by UK GP's
  • Over 300,000+ tests completed

Ongoing advice

  • Personalised guidance based on your test results
  • Recommendations you can action

I finally found an answer

“I couldn't shake the tiredness for years and my GP kept telling me I was fine. A friend told me about Thriva and all the extra antibodies they measure. I now finally have the advice needed to move forward.”

— Sarah, 44

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Complete a blood test

Your kit will arrive promptly and have everything you need to complete a simple, finger-prick blood test from home.

Results in days

Within days, we will send you your results back as well as the context to fully understand them. 



Track changes 

For those with thyroid issues, we set up follow-up tests to check in on how you're doing over time. 

What's tested?

  • TSH

  • Total T4

  • Free T4

  • Free T3

  • TGAB

  • TPO / TPEX

  • Vitamin D

  • Folate

  • Vitamin B12

  • Ferritin

Most thyroid tests will be measure TSH, T4 and T3. This is a limited panel that will not reveal the full extent of your thyroid health. After months of extensive research, Dr Shah, Thriva medical director, has arrived at this panel. Read more about what this means in our introduction to thyroid research.

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Your personal dashboard is one test away...

Access your secure dashboard online at any time. Track your results, view your personalised reports and get information on what things mean and how you can make changes. 

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Thyroid Test

What can I find out?

Get a complete overview of your thyroid function and related health biomarkers, with health recommendations. 

One in 20 people suffer from thyroid problems in the UK, but very often people are misdiagnosed. Symptoms are wide-ranging, but some of the most common ones include extreme lethargy, unexpected weight gain, or depression and anxiety. You can read a full list of underactive thyroid symptoms here.

Many sufferers do not have their needs met with the ongoing management of their condition.

This is why we have created our new Thyroid blood test

The Thriva Thyroid test is a tracking product that offers ongoing testing with bespoke advice based on results. Your first test will look at the need for further nutritional and health recommendations with a prompt for follow up tests to ensure you're managing or improving your condition. You can stop your tests at any time, and if you're completely fine we won't send you another.

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How does it work?